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9Apps APK is one of the popular as well as widely used app store trusted by millions of people all around the world in order to download their favourite apps, games, wallpapers, ringtones, music, videos and much more in their respective device free of cost. It provides top and popular Android apps, games and other multimedia content directly in the android in high definition for free to the users.

Just take a look on some of the HD apps, games, wallpapers, video players, ringtones etc that are offered by 9Apps without paying anything i.e.. Free of cost at a very high download speed-

HD video player app install from 9apps APK –

This video player app is a free multimedia player offered to the users so that they can listen to their favourite music and watch their favourite videos free of cost. It contains both audio as well as video player and enables the users to watch all types of popular audio and video in different categories and formats on the device.
This amazing application of video player supports all popular video formats including AVI, 3GP, mpg and much more. With the help of this app, users are allowed to play any video with full hardware acceleration support for faster and smoother high definition audios and videos.

This easiest and powerful video player that divides the users a facility to quickly search their favourite multimedia content, also offers many useful features such as it automatically identify all the video files in your device, recent playlist option gives you the opportunity to listen to your recently added MP3 and videos, thumbnail display the contents of the video file, quick browser your video folder.

HD wallpapers app downloads from 9apps store –

It is one of the most popular application available to the users free of cost so that they can get awesome wallpapers everyday without paying anything. This app is currently used by millions of people worldwide as the registered user of this app get daily updates of free and awesome wallpapers.
Brand new, unique and beautiful wallpapers are updated daily in this app and you can check out your favourite wallpaper without any hassle by searching through category. All the images include artist information, licence details and URL of the artist webpage is available. There are more than 30 categories for easy searching and one can also use the keywords to search for their favourite wallpaper.
This is an easy, simple and fast full HD background wallpaper app from where you can download different types of wallpapers and set the same in your laptop, smartphone or Tablet.

HD camera app download from 9apps –

This free high definition camera app enables the users to take professional photos at high resolution with different and excellent special effects. By using this awesome app, users can take and create top quality photos with professional camera that offers several features.
1- It capture photos and videos in high resolution.

2- You can select scene modes, colour effects, white balance and exposure compensation according to your preference.

3- Camera and video quality can also be selected as per your need.

4- Adjustable volume keys are available to take pictures, zoom in and zoom out and to change the exposure compensation.

5- Multi touch gesture and one touch remote control option is provided.

6- Video recording can be done in all the resolutions as it supports every format including HD.

7- Users are allowed to take pictures accurately with the help of location targeting feature.

Age of Kings: Skyward battle from download 9apps games –

It is a battle game where you have to choose from hundreds of unique heroes and heroines to serve you in your conquest in order to build up your Supreme Empire. This popular free HD game offers several exciting features to its users, just take a look-
Protect your empire and get a valuable resources that will help you out in the whole game to succeed and stay in the long run. In the game play, the players can experience action packed battles and lead their troops to victory we experiencing the action packed battles and exploring the world map by keeping an eye on those areas that are developing. Put your best efforts to beat the enemy target to maximize the growth of your kingdom and really your troops together to defeat the enemies. Players can even personalize their empire with various buildings and unit combinations.

Following are some of the high definition games, ringtones app, wallpaper apps, video player that you can from download 9Apps . In addition to this there are tons of free, exciting and addictive apps available in the store that you can install in your device. If you like download HD apps in your mobile phone then first of all you are required to download 9Apps from where you can download such apps.
To get 9 apps installed in your device, you are required to click on the header or footer options to download it directly through APK..


9Apps 2017 is one of the updated version of 9apps which provides a huge selection of top apps and games to the users and offers them a variety in such a small or tiny sized app store. In this update, the developers of the app ameliorate many existing features and add the new ones to make your app browsing experience smoother and convenient. With the upgrade in 9apps store in the year 2011, there are many things get sorted and provides the user a great benefit and ease to download their desired apps in their concerned devices.

Following are some of the apps you can download from the store which becomes smoother and faster to use after the upgrade, so just have a look-

● Witch Puzzle- Match 3 game-
It is a fun giving and very playful addictive match 3 puzzle game app which comes with a lot of twists and turns to make the game entertaining and full of colours. In the game play, you have to match 3 or more than 3 items of same type to solve the puzzle and help the cute little witch in learning the cast spells. The items offered in the game including magic fire, crystal ball, magic book, mushrooms, moon, poisoned apple etc.

Have a look on the points noted below to know the main features of this puzzle game app-

1- There are more than hundred spectacular levels where each level comes with something unique and a different type of challenge to enhance the thrill of the game.

2- By completing the levels and solving the puzzles, you can unlock hidden special levels so as to get the fantastic items as rewards.

3- The player is required to make proper strategies in order to solve the puzzles in due moves.

● GPS route finder-
It is a free and very useful route finding app with the help of GPS which helps the users to find the exact location on the map. By switching to this app, the registered users of this app can easily and instantly track the nearby restaurants, ATMs, hotels, schools, University, post office, beauty parlour, doctor, shopping mall and more. In addition to this, the users can also navigate the destinations by using different methods according to their ease.

Have a look on the points mentioned below to know the main features of GPS route finder-

1- GPS route finder has an amazing, eye catching and a very user friendly interface which let the app to work smoother.

2- The users are even allowed to search any place and add the same by using search places feature.

3- With the help of GPS router, you can get an accurate speed to reach anywhere as per the location set by you.

4- By downloading this app, one can easily travel around the world and navigate using any mode of transportation in which he is travelling.

Above mentioned are from those apps which you can download from this updated version of 9apps. To install these or other applications and games in your device, just click on the header or footer options and get it installed the app store now directly through APK..