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Mobile apps are free apps for our device that help us to simplify our life’s and make it much much better. In today’s world phone has become a necessity which if we look about 20years back had no value as such in our life’s, earlier it was just a way of people getting in tough through formal or verbal conversations only and that was the only and only use of the device in your life but the scenario now has changed a lot , today mobile phone is not just used for verbal conversations but much more than that like also it has become a form of written communications through many apps that have taken a very big place in our life’s now and are being called as applications that made this simple device of the much use to us and also gave it a lot of importance in our life’s or in other words it gave it all the importance in our life’s that it has today, this simply means that Android or IOS phones are nothing without the existence of these apps in this.
This is what mobile apps are all about-



Mobile apps are basically some applications that run on internet connection and also need some certain type of operating systems to run on a device like a android,iOS or windows enabled devices can only run these applications on them as they have that certain set of functions that enables the users to get to know the device information and the device to know that it’s user wants, in other words it converts the binary language into a simple English language and vice versa. Mobile apps are basically the apps that we have to download in our device from the play store or App Store that get installed in your device and after you log in those apps you can get to know a lot of things about it and also it guides the users how to use it and then once the users learns to do the same it can use it with a great ease.

There are a number of apps that are available today online as well as offline too but the most popular are being decided by the users as how much downloads of a app is being done and how many like or dislikes it has got online. The users can also download any app of their choice anytime and Anywhere in their device from the stores that are available and can also choose from the wide variety available . Some apps are of great use to the users while others are of less use which brings us to the categories of the rated top 8 best apps further.

Top 8 best apps-

9apps this is the best apps with which one can also download the other apps straight from, have to been bored of logging in again and again in your play store to download your favourite apps well this app gives you stress from all that tension by being a app with the help of which once it is being downloaded you don’t have to go to the store again and again but you can just download any app from here straight away without any hustle isn’t is a smart app to have in your smart device.

1weather- this app is being used to track the weather of your area the maximum and the minimum temperatures and also to know what weather conditions would your area and intact not only your region but also the other regions have at the moment , you can also get to know the day would be cloudy, rainy, hot etc that also lets you plan your day accordingly too.

Google drive- this app helps the users a lot many ways and the most vital one is by saving the documents in its huge space that is away from your device space, in this digital world one lacks the space at the utmost so basically this clears the space in your device as you can save everything in it and then forget about the space problem forever.

Google maps- this app helps us to track the way and helps us to get the way of any where you want to , this is a pocket map basically of any place and every place in the country , with the help of which you can go anywhere you want to at what ever time you want to.

Last pass- this is a one stop pass lock for your device, this app helps us lock our device very easily and also gives us a lot of security, there are a lot of things in your device that you don’t want others to get to see so this is the solution for you just download this app in your device set your password that nobody can’t even think off and keep your things safe from every one.

Cloud magic- this is a magical app that lets you to log in all your accounts including your gmail account and you can not only add a single but a number of gmail accounts too in this and then you don’t have to worry about your account information the updates etc as this app will provide you with everything related to it very easily and will be very handy and helpful for you to try and enjoy with.

Opera- this app helps the users to search the things they want to with this app, this is a kind of search engine through which you can also search things on google straight away from this only without even downloading google in your device, so have a query ask google through this app now.

Pocket-this is a kind of e-payment app which creates a wallet for you online, it is like digital money or paper less money through which you can pay your bills , shop online etc or can do anything and everything you wish to do at just your finger tips very very easily at any time you want to, making payments was never so easier online.